Anti-Japanese Mountain Martyr's Cemetery, Lianyungang, Jiangsu

Located at the base of what was traditionally known as Ma’an Mountain, now referred to as ‘Anti-Japanese Mountain’, lays the Anti-Japanese Mountain Martyr’s Cemetery. Contained within the cemetery are the bodies of over 1,600 men – the majority being local Chinese soldiers, as well as a small portion of Allied fighters who died in the region during the war against the Japanese. All of the men who fought and died throughout the Jiangsu region, a total of 3,576, have their name inscribed on the nearby memorial.

The mountain cemetery is divided into eight sections, each linked to a particular geographical slope of the mountain. Within each section is a different memorial (for example a statue, memorial hall or tower), each commemorating a particular soldier or a specific battle. The largest of these memorials is the 14-metre high Anti-Japanese Martyr Monument. The monument was built to commemorate the first victory the 115th Division of the Eight Route Army had against the Japanese in 1941. To remember the 18 men who died in the battle, a life-sized statue of a soldier was positioned on top of the Anti-Japanese Martyr Monument.