The memoryscapes presented here reveal the war’s continuing memorialisation in a changing regional context.

  • Matthew Allen (JCU) / Sakamoto Rumi (Auckland), Confusing the Okinawan Memoryscape:  the organic memorialisation of the Battle of Okinawa. Read More

  • Tony Brooks (Cambridge), Chinese views of Japan as seen through the Unit 731 war museum, 1949-2013. Read More

  • Chan Yang (Bristol), The Fifteen-year War in the PRC’s School Textbooks and National Museums (1949-1982). Read More

  • Hamzah Muzaini (Wageningen), Sybil’s clinic @ Papan: Remembering a Malaysian war heroine. Read More

  • Iris Pan Lu (HKU / HKU SPACE), Remembering the pain of “others”: Reflections on the Shanghai Jewish Refugees museum and beyond. Read More

  • Daniel Schumacher (Essex), The enfranchising dimension of official war commemoration in Hong Kong and Singapore. Read More

  • Diana Lary (UBC), Memory Times, Memory Places: Public and private memories and commemoration of the Resistance War in China. Read More