Heritage trail marks fall of Singapore in 1942

New guided tour of Labrador, Alexandra tells story of area's rich maritime, colonial history

Two 1.8m-high walls, on either side of the road, slope upwards into the Labrador Nature Reserve. Occasionally, rays of sunlight break through the foliage and dance across their red-brick surfaces...

tim winter
Can Japan Lay it's 'Comfort Women' Ghosts to Rest?

In Japan this week, a sense of urgency pervades as past and present come together in unexpected ways. The week before Donald Trump becomes leader of Tokyo’s most important military ally is also the week that the continuing issue of the “comfort women” came back to haunt Prime Minister Shinzo Abe...

tim winter
Sino-Japanese propaganda wars are heating up

Japan’s largest hotel chain is attracting attention yet again over the CEO’s promotion of revisionist history. All Apa hotel rooms offer a bedside book written by CEO Toshio Motoya (under the pen name Seiji Fuji) that denies the Nanking Massacre ever happened...

tim winter