From the Frontline

  • Heather Goodall (UTS), Writing Conflicted Loyalties: An Indian journalist’s perspectives on the dilemmas of Indian troops in Indonesia, 1945. Read More


  • Victor Zatsepine (UConn), Publicising and reporting China’s war with Japan. Read More

Wartime Migrations

  • Maria Framke (ETH Zurich), ‘And one did not come back': the politics and portrayal of wartime Indian humanitarianism in China. Read More


  • Zach Fredman (Boston), China’s wartime interpreters in the China-Burma-India theater. Read More


  • Vivienne Guo Xiangwei (King’s College), From Shanghai to Wuhan: migration and unification of Chinese women intellectuals in the Second World War. Read More

Under Occupation

  • Rebecca Kenneison (Essex), ‘The Lion of Malaya': Insights into civilian resistance. Read More


  • Rebecca Kenneison (Essex), John Creer’s report: The Guomindang guerillas of Japanese-occupied Malaya. Read More


  • Sven Matthiessen (Heidelberg), The KALIBAPI-Party and Japanese Pan-Asianism in the Philippines, 1942-45. Read More


  • Takuma W. Melber (Mainz), “We must be better prepared after this war”: The Greater East Asia War diary of Major-General Kawamura Saburō. Read More


  • Priscilla Roberts (HKU), The Complexities of Collaboration and Colonialism: Claro M. Recto’s Bid for ‘Real’ Philippine Independence, 1944. Read More


  • Erik Ropers (Towson University), Life on the Front Lines: Testimonies By Two Japanese ‘Comfort Women’. Read More


The Asian Homefront

  • Daniel Hedinger (LMU Munich), A new global axis? The Anti-Comintern Pact in the Japanese medias 1936/7. Read More